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  Do It Yourself / Helpful Charts  
  + What Generator Size Do I Need?
+ Amperage Conversion Table
+ Ohm’s Law
+ Unit-of-Measure Equivalents
+ Useful Electricity Terms
+ NEMA Straight Blade Configurations Chart
+ NEMA Locking Blade Configurations Chart
+ UL Fuse Classification Chart
+ Electrical Formulas
+ HID Lamp Guide
+ Fluorescent Lamp Guide
+ Incandescent Lamp Guide
+ How To Pick A Cordless Drill
+ Choosing The Right Tools Of The Trade (Beginners)
+ Wire Jackets – Types & Uses
+ Conduit Fill Chart
+ Ampacity Charts
+ Common Conversion Factors
+ Cable Administration
+ Direct Current Motor Full Load Current
+ Full-Load Current in Amperes Single-Phase AC Motors
+ Approximate Full-Load Amperes Three Phase AC Motors

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